gázel – The Red One EP (LOKD)

The newest addition to our catalogue comes from @gazel_musik, an up and coming duo from cologne.

With „The Red One“, Julian and Lucas take us on a journey through their intricate soundscapes, while showing a clear focus on instrumentality; a masterful merging of electronic and more traditional instruments result in these three beautiful compositions.

„Warten auf Lotta“ starts with a dreamy introduction to the EP, before catching us with a grooving bassline and a catchy guitar-riff, accompanied by organic percussion and high-resonance synthesis. The second original „Mono.noke“ radiates a mesmerizing and hypnotic forest-like atmosphere, but still catches us with a bouncy swing. The title track „The Red One“ rounds everything off with an otherworldly break, followed by a high-energy drop that makes us want to move our feet.

LOKD007 features a beautiful breakbeat-touch on „Warten auf Lotta“ by our favorite Berlin-boyband Brigade, a saz-percussive interpretation of „Mono.noke“ by T-Puse from Tel Aviv, and a guitar-heavy minimalistic Remix of „The Red One“ by LOKD’s very own Avem.

LOKD, 2020